Think of us as an extension of your team in the office next door, not a distant call center where we read scripts and make cold calls. We cater to small and midsized businesses that are looking for 2-40 team members to support their company’s growth while managing their bottom line efficiently.


Back-office Management
Flexible Solutions

Back-office management covers a wide range of tasks;  operations, communications, strategic planning and special projects. Let us know what you need and how our team can be of assistance. We’re capable of a lot more than you would guess.

Examples of ways we currently help clients:

  • Data tracking, analysis and reporting presented by our team during executive management meetings

  • Scheduling vendors, independent contractors and organizational teams for specific projects that require follow up and project tracking

  • Proofreading for accuracy, grammar and context

  • Data entry, order confirmation, invoicing and commission statements

  • Special Projects:

        • Social Media research

        • Accounting and bookkeeping (Quickbooks and all common systems)

        • Setting Customer Appointments for Medical Treatments (Specialty Care and Chiropractic Clinics)

        • Content organization for e-commerce

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Customer Service
Intelligent, Human Interactions

We know not all customer service issues can be solved with scripts, nor do we want them to be solved that way. Your customers are individuals that may require unique solutions that are not always black and white. Our teams are able to listen to what your customers are asking and provide solutions.

  • We support Business to Business, Business to Consumer, and everything in between.

  • 24/7/365 Support that includes holidays and weekends. Don’t let your customers go without the answers and solutions they need.

  • Setting appointments (medical), confirming reservations (hotel and vacation rental industries)

  • Examples of ways we currently help clients:

    • Law Firm: phone calls, intake documentation (client information and potential case details), claim filing, Creating demand and settlement letters, lien demand

    • Vacation Rental and Hotel: 24/7/365 service for guests and owners. Confirm reservations, correspond with booking channels, repairs and maintenance, extensive tracking and analysis, onboarding new properties, listing channel management, end-to-end operations

    • E-commerce: Sales, order processing and shipment confirmation