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Maven grew from our own personal business staffing experience over the last 20 years. As small business owners, we struggled to find quality candidates for our back office and customer service opportunities at the companies we built. Once we found quality candidates, it was difficult to retain them. We had to budget for recruiting, training, retention, benefits, and HR issues on a regular basis. In a competitive job market like the San Francisco Bay Area, our turn over and attrition costs deeply affected not only our bottom line but our productivity and company morale. 

Our operations teams volleyed the idea back and forth for almost two years while we continued to experience the same turnover, loss of productivity and frustration with the process. The idea of building a team from the Philippines seemed risky.

Our experience with Filipino talent was so spectacular that we want to share this ability with everyone and prove that we can help you build a cost efficient team with better results.
— Jason Bandarra, Founder & CEO

We all had less-than-stellar experiences with large corporations who outsourced to foreign counties. We definitely did not want our customers to have that kind of experience.  

Finally, we decided to take the plunge and start with a small team to assist us with back office support and customer service. We braced for the worst with very limited expectations... and wow, were we wrong! We found with the right training and guidance, we built the best team we’ve ever had. The tasks and ability of our team far surpassed what we anticipated, and their dependability and attitude only further impressed us all.


Investing in Filipino talent, today and for decades to come.  

Why the Philippines? The Philippines has one of the largest pools of college educated English speaking talent in the world. We're not talking about an employment pool of agents that can just read scripts with canned responses. These are individuals that can become an integrated extension of your domestic team who work with you side by side  to achieve the "wins" that make your company great. 


Facility Information 

You're in good hands. Our offices are located in San Pablo which allows us to recruit local talent who would normally be making the 3-4 hour commute per day to metro Manilla.  

Professional Training & Development

Once we have a complete understanding of your staffing objective and supporting instructions/systems, we have dedicated training staff that will work with your domestic staff and your new team members to ensure your team is trained as soon as possible.

Investing in Communities

At Maven, we feel that education is the pillar of success in life. Whether that success is financial, moral, physical  or mental, we support the youth of the Philippines by providing scholarships and donations to educational institutions that are building tomorrow’s leaders.