Customer Success Stories

Ever since the popularity of AirBnB exploded, the vacation rental industry has been disrupted by “alternative accommodations” that are now considered mainstream lodging that competes with hotels. With the migration of guests from hotels to private residences, the vacation rental industry has had to innovate and create a responsive solution to address guests’ needs for 24/7/365 communication.

Maven Staffing Group offers such a solution, and more!

Initially our client was hiring domestic team members that loved the job, just not the hours. Finding reliable coverage for nights, weekends and holidays was a recurring issue and even though shift work was a requirement of the job, employees were always asking to change their schedule. At times, the founders themselves had to cover.


The Solution

Maven was able to provide agents that could cover guest communications 24/7/365, and it didn’t stop there. After the team was able to handle all of the day-to-day guest communications, during their downtime team members were given special projects, accounting reconciliation, vendor scheduling, onboarding new properties and soon after, they were running the show. Our client was so impressed with the service the team was able to provide, they hired additional team members to handle the back-office operations and found they could have a fully staffed office...remotely.

Today Maven Staffing Group supports the US-based office, providing a full offshore team to handle the day-to-day operations which frees up the domestic team to focus on strategy, growth and technology.

Maven’s solution was a game changer for us. We struggled for years with turnover and continuous training. Now we have the best team in place and we’re operating at our peak level which allows all of our attorneys to focus on the case at hand, knowing the back office is on track and trusting that we have a team that knows our business and will be with us for years to come.
— J.Z., Partner

Our client was having a difficult time in a major metropolitan city (New York City) retaining entry-level employees that were dependable and committed. In a competitive job environment like New York City, a new job is just an interview away. After churning through five new employees in 12 months, our client knew there had to be a better solution.

Law Offices

The Solution

Maven was able to provide adept team members at a substantial cost savings - not only hourly, but also through limiting turnover and cost of additional training. They quickly hired four new team members who were able to handle all of the firm's daily intakes and evaluate/prioritize potential clients that may need to speak to an attorney right away. Team members were also assigned general administrative tasks, client follow-up, scheduling clients’ doctor appointments, filing claims and taking overall ownership for administrative processes so the firm’s partners could focus on what they do best… representing their clients.


Our ecommerce customer had spent several years building a brand but found that their profitability hinged on their ability to sell items at a competitive price while controlling overhead costs. Their biggest costs were employee salaries and benefits which were keeping them in the red.

The Solution

Though our customer’s ecommerce site was highly automated, there were still day-to-day customer service issues that needed to be resolved and along with order processing. Maven was able to provide them with a full team which managed the customer service (phone, email & chat), processed all the orders, generated reports, accounting and the whole back office for the company. The back-end operations have been so successful, our clients decided to start a new site due to the confidence they have in their ability to scale with the strong ROI generated through their Maven Staffing team.